Friday, September 25, 2015

20 Albums In 20 Weeks: After All These Years by Andrew Peterson

We have reached the half-way point in our exploration of 20 Albums in 20 Weeks. In case you missed a week, here are links to each of the albums we have look at so far:

 This week’s album is After All These Years: A Collection by Andrew Peterson. I was a slow convert to Peterson’s music. His voice was different than I expected. The intelligence of his lyrics drew me in, however, and before long his music became a welcome retreat for me.

What They Think

There aren’t a lot of reviews out there for Peterson’s work. You are more likely to find reviews on his books (he’s a talented author as well) than you are for his 9 full length albums. He is well-respected in Christian music circles, even though he doesn’t have a pop sound or produce stadium shaking worship songs.

What I Think

Peterson’s music is intelligent and honest. The folk edges of his voice and accompanying music are relaxing and encourage contemplation. After All These Years: A Collection offers a great selection of his songs as well as a few new ones. I think that Peterson’s work is some of the most worshipful out there today.

Favorite Lyric

If a man has got to listen 
To the voices of the mob
Who are reeling in the throes 
Of all the happiness they've got
When they tell you all their troubles
Have been nailed up to that cross
What about the times when even follower's get lost
Cause we all get lost sometimes

Where It Fits

I will continue to escape into Peterson's music for times of reflection and to relax. When life gets hectic and I'm losing my bearings I'm as likely to go to this album as to anything else I have. If you are needing some new insight into the Christian life, or just some moments of calm and contemplation, this album is a great place to start. 

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