Thursday, August 20, 2015

20 Albums In 20 Weeks: Leaving Eden by Carolina Chocolate Drops

American folk music and bluegrass has stormed back into popularity in the past few years and no band has played with more skill or force than the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

What They Think

Leaving Eden received four stars from both Rolling Stone1 and The Guardian2. The album is generally praised for its musical skill as well as for Rhiannon Giddens’ vocals. Most people compare the album favorably to the group’s earlier album Genuine Negro Jig.

What I Think

The album grabs you with force from the first song “Riro’s House”, and never really lets you go. The music is soulful, emotive, and contagiously fun. Giddens is a vocal powerhouse, and has just released a solo album that is equally powerful entitled, Tomorrow Is My Turn.

Favorite Lyric

No work for the working man
Just one more empty mill
Hard times for working men
Hard times harder still
The crows are in the kitchen
The wolves at the door
Our fathers’ land of Eden is paradise no more.
(from song Leaving Eden)

Where It Fits

I love this album and will return to it often. Even if you aren’t a folk or bluegrass fan this is an album that you should spend some time with. Incredible vocals, accomplished instrumentals, and passionate delivery makes this album essential for every music lover’s library!

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