Tuesday, November 9, 2010

True Perfection

Michael here...

A longer quote, but well worth it....

"This is true perfection: not to avoid a wicked life because like slaves we servilely fear punishment, nor to do good because we hope for rewards, as if cashing in on the virtuous life by some business-like arrangement. On the contrary, disregarding all those things for which we hope and which have been reserved by promise, we regard falling from GOD's friendship as the only thing dreadful and we consider becoming GOD's friend the only thing worthy of desire and honor. This as I have said, is perfection of life. "                        -Gregory of Nyssa

This is not to say that as followers we are ever not friends of GOD, but that marinating in that friendship is the greatest possibly way to pass the minutes of our lives. Friendship is not forced, but only to be enjoyed. His friendship is always available to us, it's just that we don't always take time to enjoy this great truth of our existence. Relationship is not driven by a fear of punishment or a hope of a reward, but of simply drinking it in deeply.

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  1. Wow! Nice...:)

    "...but of simply drinking it in deeply." Love that part!