Monday, November 8, 2010

All In or All Out or Maybe Something Else

Michael writes...

What is it about relationships that terrify us so much? We all seem glued to one of two extremes with people. Either we keep them completely out because we are afraid of their rejection, and whatever else may happen when I let them see the real me. Or we let them all the way in because I need them to be ok with me for me to feel ok about myself. The first option keeps us lonely because we were created for relationship, the second makes us completely dependent on what others think of us. The middle ground is so hard! We are such fragile creatures! (I'm putting myself at the top of the list) The truth is that Christ's sustaining love is enough, but that seems impossible for the clay vessels that we are to hang on to for long.  Feedback???????????


  1. And another tough part of that is that the other person is always broken in some way(s) too and we have no idea how our mutual brokenness will affect each other. When you have two people relying on each other to "fix" what's wrong with them, it ends up a big ugly mess. God's love and power are perfect and are shown even more perfect in our weakness.

  2. I chose door #3... maybe something else! ;)

    I've been at the bottom of the list trying to compensate for an abusive past; then with divine clarity (not totally i am sure) have moved to the top of list. But loneliness is not what God has in store for me or anyone, so i have bailed on that too. God loves, our Daddy desires us to be loved, starting with receiving His love and then showing it.
    I have decided (**like walking out on thin ice**) to boldly love around the flaws of these weak vessels; including my own. This can only be done as our Forerunner did it, starting with the security of His Father's Love. Anything God desires from us will be a fruit from the security of His love. This has not been an easy step as it reveals where I am Not securely resting with God, probably more often than I like.
    But! even with all my stumbles, scrapes, bruises and my heart that alivens more and more towards His beauty; His sovereignty has me on His narrow path exactly where He planned me to be. Accepted, as is.

  3. My good friend once asked me," who would you rather have sharpen you into who God's called you to be than the person you love the most and will do it most lovingly". While there is much to be learned from diligently diving into reading and prayer, God's love and teachings are most alive in action. This action is in interacting with and developing relationships with others whether its lasting or random. While it takes confidence and a strength we sometimes feel like we lack, the cool thing is that God never lacks that and that he provides all that we could ever need. The hard part though is in recognizing and forgiving ourselves of our past- what we have done and those that have wronged us, and truly giving it up to God and realizing that we can't hold the other person accountable to what they have done but rather love them unconditionally as God would. God's love conquers all- even our insecurities and fears towards relationships and situations which seem insurmountable. Awesome topic Michael!