Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pumpkin Experience # 9

This pumpkin quest has been enjoyable, but not without challenges. I understood that sacrifice would be involved, ( ie. the 7 million carbs I have ingested over the past three weeks) but I was ready. I'm not an egg nog fan, or any sort of nog fan now that I think of it. But this blog is a higher calling. So, when I ran across pumpkin experience # 9, I knew I had no choice but to give it a try. Pumpkin Experience # 9 was Pumpkin Spice Nog. I found it at a local grocery store and it was the color and consistency of the seafood sauce I love at most Japanese restaurants. I wasn't super excited about trying it, so I just got up my courage, opened up the fridge one day and drank a huge gulp. I woke up 2 hours later on the kitchen floor, mumbling to myself about seafood sauce and Charlie Brown's shirt. Thinking that it was some kind of fluke, I decided to drink two more gulps. The next thing I remember, it was two days later, and I was standing on the roof of an Ihop in South Carolina with what appeared to be a large cat on a leash. Upon closer inspection, I found that my pet of choice was actually a raccoon. (Blogger's note: FaithFoodandFilm does not recommend keeping a raccoon as a pet as they carry disease and are generally mean spirited. If you should decide to keep a raccoon as a pet, do not mock them, as it would appear that they hate that more than anything. If you should mock the raccoon, and in the brawl that ensues, he should happen to scratch your cornea, please go to your local ER immediately.) So, in closing, I would not recommend Pumpkin Spice Nog.

Pumpkinocity: -12
Dangers of punching a raccoon in his arrogant little face: Immense

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  1. Sooo.... uuuhhh.... Can i have the rest of your egg nog?! Sounds like fun.

    lol. :)