Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pumpkin Experience #10

Pumpkin Experience #10 was the Pumpkin Praline Pancakes at Ihop. I've had the pumpkin pancakes at Ihop before, but there's a twist on the version they are offering up this time around. This year there are pralines scattered across the top as well as some caramel sauce. The pancakes were delicious, but I think the caramel sauce is a bit much. I really didn't need the extra 1200 carbs, and the sweetness distracted from the pumpkinocity that I was craving. All around though, a solid pumpkin experience.

Pumpkinocity: 7 out of 10
Better place for the caramel sauce: I would think apple wedges (Granny Smith preferably)


  1. So I was trying to help you cut down on your carb intake by buying all the shortbread pumpkin spice cookies I found at the Fresh Market. Unfortunately i did not find intelligent life form at Fresh Market on this trip as you did Whole Foods. I did make a guy drop his pie when he was watching me instead of where he was going which also kept him from seeing his female shopping partner shoot daggers out of her eyes at him.
    Also another negative, I could not taste the pumpkin at all in the cookies but I ate them all any way as they were FANtastic Shortbread Cookies. Even with the extrememly creamy buttery and not too sweet fluffy shortbreadness of their cookies, Fresh Market has now been added to my list of people who lie to me.

    Nonpumpkin experience: 10! lol.

  2. So jealous of all you people who can eat pumpkiny goodness from a store. I might just have to try to make a pumpkin brownie or something soon.