Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Have Peace In An Unpredictable World

Everything changes.

Our bodies change. Our jobs change. Our friends change. People around us are constantly changing.  Foods that we used to hate as kids, we love now. Our streets look different. Or, how about this gross fact: every 27 days you shed all of your skin and have entirely new skin. Nothing stays the same.

It can be a little dizzying when you think about it. Much of our anxiety comes from the constant unpredictability we live in. How people think of you is constantly changing. What people expect of you is constantly changing. What will the economy be like in 2 years? How will my children do when they are on their own? Will I get sick? Things that seem ok today could change in a moment. There is only one constant in the universe that never truly changes.


This attribute of God is called immutability. It simply means that God never changes, and it’s one of the most comforting bits of theology we have. Here are 3 things that God’s immutability mean for you:

1)You Are Perfectly Loved

You are not loved more when you behave better, at least not by God.  Neither are you ever loved less. God’s love for you is as great today as it was the day you were born. It will never diminish, and since it is perfect, and already at the maximum level possible, it could never increase. You can’t lose it, you don’t have to work to keep it. You are loved, now and forever.

2)You Are Completely Forgiven

Yeah, I know you’ve really messed up. We all have. I know, it’s hard to believe that you could ever be forgiven for that, but you are. God forgives, and doesn’t ever need to revisit it again. If you desire His forgiveness, you will have it. Also, God will not hold on to things to bring up against you later. One Bible writer paints the picture for us by saying that God separates us from our sins as far as east is from west. That means it’s time to stop feeling guilty for things that you have been forgiven for.

3)You Are Never Alone

Few things are as painful as loneliness, which is why it’s so  important to remember that God is with you and God will be with you. He will not change His mind about you. Run as far as you will, but if you desire God’s presence, it is there, a breath away. People may leave you or betray you. People move and people die. But God will never leave your side.

In a constantly changing world, God never changes. He is our port in the storm, and the stability that we need. I pray that these thoughts will bring you peace today!

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