Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What The Bachelor Teaches Us About Us (And It's Not Bad)

After 19 seasons, The Bachelor is still one of the most popular shows on tv. While I’m sure that our fascination with the show says some less than flattering things about us, it also reveals some very good things about those who keep tuning in week after week. One thing in particular stands out as another season of The Bachelor winds down:

We Want To Believe That Love Wins

What a nightmarish scenario. Let’s gather 30 women together (or men) and watch 29 of them get rejected and crushed. Who would watch that? Well, millions of people. Regardless of how painful it can be at times, we can’t stop watching. One of the reasons for that is that we hope that the lone remaining contestant who is chosen will receive true and lasting love with their bachelor. We all hope for a love that can beat the odds. We are hardwired as people to believe that love makes life better. We may get hurt and jaded along the way, but at the end of it all, we still hold on to the hope that love will somehow save the day.

And honestly, we are right to believe that love can save the day. Most of us have experienced love from a spouse, father, mother, friend, or child that has impacted our lives. When we were in a bad place and losing hope, or maybe we had given up on ourselves completely, the thought that someone would love us and believe in us picked us back up. To be loved unselfishly is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. But it doesn’t stop there.

It’s not just the love we receive that can change us, the love we give makes life better as well. To find the courage and stamina to love someone with no thought of what you might get back is life changing. It’s not easy, but there is nothing like it in the world. None of this is new information, Jesus told his disciples that they were to be known for the love they had for each other and for the world. There weren’t going to be known for their right answers (not that there’s anything wrong with wanting right answers), and they weren’t going to be known for the crowds they drew or the money they raised. They were to be known for their great love for others. Quality love is so rare that when you do it well, people notice.

Our deepest hope when we watch The Bachelor then is correct, but just a bit too narrow. Love will indeed save the day. Love will change us and change the world. Romantic love isn’t the only love that will accomplish this however, but all authentic love that we give and receive. So, do the hard work of changing the world today, by choosing to love selflessly and passionately, not just in the presence of romantic feelings, but everywhere.  

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