Thursday, August 7, 2014

Like Kale For The Soul

Kale has been cultivated for over 2000 years, but only recently has it become the Beatles of healthy food. Sales of Kale seeds have risen 20-30%  over the past year. There are even “Eat  More Kale” bumper stickers on the roads, and as you well know, bumper stickers never lie.

So, why the sudden fascination with kale? It’s actually rooted in another growing fascination, the one with personal health and wellness. More and more people today are paying careful attention to the food and drinks they consume. Calories are being counted and carbs are being watched. The thought is, that what we take into our bodies will have a lot to do with how well and how long they operate and function.  So, acai, pomegranate, kimchi, and flaxseed are becoming household words.

It’s wise to take care of our bodies, but how about our souls? In the same way that taking damaging or worthless things into our body has consequences, it’s equally true that taking damaging things into our soul will be harmful. Even though many people spend tons of time and money monitoring their bodies, few of us ever give any thought to our souls (Probably because there aren’t too many members of the opposite sex “checking out” your soul when you walk down the street). We avoid fried foods and sugary drinks to keep our bodies in shape, but what about our souls? Are there things that we are watching, listening to, or reading that are doing damage to our souls? It’s not my job to tell you where your line should be on things you watch, read, or hear, but it is your job, and if you are like me, it’s a job you neglect from time to time. Not only do we need to avoid toxic things that damage our souls,  but they are in need of nourishment as well. Times of solitude and reflection, thoughtful reading, and acts of generosity are just a few of the things that our souls need to grow and develop.

So, the next time you are drinking a bottle of green juice that combines carrot, ginger, sweet potato, plantain, radish, banana, kiwi, and coconut juices, take some time to reflect on what you are feeding your soul. After all, what good is a body if it is not being driven by a healthy, purposeful soul!

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