Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Honest But Uncomfortable Definitions: Arrogance


A trait exhibited by those who doubt their own intelligence. It is often manifested by the person incessantly telling you about the depths and uniqueness of their intelligence. People who are arrogant may or may not actually be intelligent (although, people who know they are intelligent most often don’t feel the need to try to convince others of it). Arrogant people desire the approval of those around them, but are very difficult to endure, and therefore very rarely get it.  Arrogance isn’t incurable, but it takes a great deal of humility and honest to eradicate it once you have contracted it.

How to deal with it in others:

Arrogance is most often defended by a combination of a blank stare and the phrase “hey, how about that”. For example:

Your coworker: (with a smug look on his/her face) I had to spend 40 minutes on the phone with that lady before she finally understood what I was saying. She told me that no one had ever explained things to her as well as I had. I don’t know what this place would do without me.

You: (with a blank stare on your face- see above for example) Hey, how about that. (Exit the conversation immediately; it doesn’t really matter where you go.

How to deal with it in yourself:

Admitting that you are arrogant is 80% of the battle. Remind yourself at least three times each day that no one really cares how intelligent you are, so long as you treat them decently. Repeat process as needed until arrogance is in remission.

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