Monday, November 4, 2013

The Journey Part 4: The Freedom to See Clearly

Posted by Michael

Once we have made peace with how God sees us, that He values us greatly and loves us immeasurably, we are ready for the next stage of our journey. Once we understand that we are accepted by God, our vision is cleared and we can begin to see God more honestly. This is important because the way we see God determines how we see the world and how we understand ourselves. If you think God, for example, is primarily concerned with judging you, and cares only about how well you keep his rules, then your life will likely be filled with anxiety and stress. Also, you will be tempted to judge others and hold them to impossible standards as well. If you think God is just a friendly old grandfather in the sky, dozing in and out of naps while we live our lives down here, then you will likely assume that He doesn’t care how you live and will make your decisions accordingly. A healthy life begins with a healthy view of God. We’ll look at how to begin that process in the next post, but for now take a few minutes and rest in the fact that you are deeply loved by the Creator of the Universe. The one person who truly knows everything you have ever done, said, or even thought is madly in love with you, and wants only the best for you.

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