Monday, October 28, 2013

The Journey Part 3: Movable Temples

Posted by Michael

As I wrote in the last Journey blog post, the Israelites had a movable temple that reminded them that God would remain with them, no matter where their journey led. The story of God being in the midst of His people was just the beginning of a much larger story that God was weaving. Approximately 1500 years later, God stepped into human history in a much different way than He ever had before. God’s story of rescue and redemption climaxed as He stepped onto earth as a human with human emotions, challenges, and limitations. When Jesus came to earth, the dynamics of the temple changed. He taught that when we follow Him, he lives inside of us, giving us hope and direction. Individuals would now carry the presence of God from place to place, much like the Israelites carried their movable temple. The brick and mortar temple in Jerusalem has in many ways been replaced. You are now a movable temple that can bring the hope of God to the world. You are God’s answer to a world in need. Everywhere you go you carry God’s presence with you. Every person you encounter also encounters the God living in you, expressed in your love and your words. God has woven us into His amazing story of rescue and redemption. Having been rescued, we now seek to offer hope to those who are confused, hurting, and alone. You may feel insignificant, but those feelings are far from the truth. Your journey is far more significant that you have ever realized...

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