Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Greatest Songs in the History of Mankind

Posted by Tony

I accepted the challenge from Michael and immediately came up with a top 3. Then the next grouping was too large to narrow down to only 2 songs so I coerced Michael into expanding the list to 10. There were so many songs that I could justify being on the list so I used a defined criteria including timelessness, classic status, the ability to listen to over and over again without getting nauseated, etc. So here goes:

In no particular order:
Possession                                    Sarah McLachlan
Mr. Blue Sky                                Electric Light Orchestra
Eleanor Rigby                               The Beatles
Linger                                           The Cranberries
Classical Gas                                Mason Williams
Viva la Vida                                  Coldplay
Don't Fear the Reaper                   Blue Oyster Cult
Tubular Bells                                 Mike Oldfield
Good Vibrations                            The Beach Boys
Bridge Over Trouble Water           Simon & Garfunkel
Honorable Mention:
American Pie                                   Don McLean
Stairway to Heaven                          Led Zeppelin
Layla                                               Derek and the Dominos
Speak to Me/Breath                         Pink Floyd
Amie                                                Pure Prairie League
Paint It Black                                    The Rolling Stones
Funeral for a Friend/Love Lie Bleeding   Elton John
Mr. Bojangles                                    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Come As You Are                             Nirvana
Here Comes the Sun                          The Beatles
We Can Work It Out                         The Beatles
Jolene                                                Rhonda Vincent
The Boxer                                         Emmylou Harris
One                                                   Metallica
As for the lists submitted by Tabitha and Carl. Anybody that includes Casting Crowns and Stryper on the same list deserves respect-or therapy-I'm not sure which. And Carl was doing great with George Jones, Little Richard and Bowie but his list get's disqualified for Baby Got Back (sorry dude.) Michael gets major props for including CCR, if he could just get over that major U2 fetish he has.

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  1. the fact that Classical Gas and Linger are both on your top 10 list seems to have some hidden meaning...