Friday, May 3, 2013

The Greatest Songs in the History of Mankind!

Posted by Michael

When I have a few extra minutes in the morning I enjoy flipping channels between “Sportscenter” and “Imus In The Morning”.  I only relate that to note that Imus will typically ask the people that he interviews to list their five favorite songs. That set my ADD inhibited brain into motion, and I found that listing five favorite songs is harder than it sounds. Few things impact as many people across as diverse a spectrum as music seems to. I offered this challenge to Tony, and our lists ballooned into ten songs rather than the originally planned five. So, here are my favorite songs in two five-song chunks. I will let Tony share his list later. I would also love to hear what your favorite songs are, so that I can silently judge you from afar. Just kidding…most likely….

First Five
Where Did You Sleep Last Night – Nirvana
Seven Nation Army  – The White Stripes
Where The Streets Have No Name - U2
Hurt – Johnny Cash
What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

Second Five
Creep – Radiohead
Help! – The Beatles
Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes – Paul Simon
Down On The Corner – Creedence Clearwater Revival


  1. Lord, this is tough. Okay, I know I'll get judged it here's my list. Bear in mind, my list comes more from life meaning than musical quality.

    1. Father's Eyes - Amy Grant. This was my prayer from the time I heard it when I was a little girl & the first song I ever sang as a worship leader - at 13.
    2. Zombie - Cranberries. Just epic awesomeness.
    3. Summer Breeze - Type O Negative. Just a cool, goth rendition.
    4. Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos. This was an anthem when I was 16.
    5. You Are More - Tenth Avenue North. God used this during some intense healing in my life.
    6. Stryper - Honestly. Best 80s rock ballad ever.
    7. Stryper - To Hell With the Devil. My answering machine greeting when I was a teenager & just an incredible guitar solo.
    8. Build Your Kingdom Here - Rend Collective Experiment. Grab a Guinness, dance & worship Jesus.
    9. Hallelujah - Tenth Avenue North. Puts me on my face. Every time.
    10. Wedding Day - Casting Crowns. Used by God as He did some intense healing.

    Okay. Let the judging begin!!

    1. Tony here:
      Next to Alien Ant Farm's "Smooth Criminal:-Summer Breeze by Type O Negative may be the greatest remake ever. Cool and creepy.

  2. Hmmm... that a tough one. Let's see....

    1) Baby Come on Home - Led Zeppelin (CODA - Plant's voice on this is absolutely stunning. Makes you feel it.)
    2) Death Letter - The White Stripes (Under Blackpool Lights IMHO might be the best live concert video ever made and the DVD which every sound system in my house gets tested on)
    3) Space Oddity - David Bowie
    4) He Stopped Loving Her Today - George Jones (Best country song ever recorded IMHO)
    5) Sweet Sixteen - BB King
    6) Who Wants to Live Forever - Queen
    7) Can't Believe You Wanna Leave - Little Richard (Soul and pain just drip from this one)
    8) You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie - The Bellamy Brothers
    9) Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones
    10) Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot (Just because. It's just one of those songs that every time I catch it on the radio I have to turn it up. Always makes me grin like a loon.)

  3. Tony here:
    Carl: I made too quick a response in my Top10 blog to Baby Got Back causing your list to be disqualified. As I was not familiar with all your songs I spotified them all. What a fantastic top 9. You have hit a home run with your selections and I congratulate you on your eclectic taste. Great job.