Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Everything Can Be The Enemy of Something

Posted by Michael

“One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something.”
                                                -Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau fought against slavery and other issues that he saw as governmental abuses during the early to mid-1800’s. There were many issues during his life that were worthy of attention, which makes his quote, listed above, even more meaningful. Simply stated, it’s impossible to do everything. We, like Thoreau, live in a time that contains countless opportunities to make a difference. Injustice wreaks its awful effects all around us. People are in desperate need physically and spiritually. In the midst of all this pain, it’s possible for the presence of so many options and so much need to paralyze us in our efforts to make a difference. Often times we feel powerless to bring about any great change. So, our attempts to understand or have a hand in everything keeps us from doing something.

We all have something that we can do. It may take some introspection to find your “something”, but it’s there. It is typically a merging of things you have learned from your past, your talents or skills , and issues that break your heart and engage your passion. There are no small “somethings”. We were never intended to change the world alone. God designed us to lean heavily on him, and to come together with people around us as we seek to offer hope to a hurting world. Together, our “somethings” begin to add up and evil begins to get nervous. The often overlooked truth is that you matter, and the skill, perception, and history you bring with you matters too! You don’t have to do everything in order to make a difference, your “something” is all that is needed!

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