Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Movies I've Seen in 2010

Michael here... ok, enough of the slow roll out, here's the rest of the list. We would love for any of you submit some of your favorites from the year as well.....

6) Bright Star (2009) Not overly well done per se, but a great story of John Keats and his ill-fated relationship with Fanny Brawne. Abbie Cornish was breathtaking as Fanny Brawne.

5) A Serious Man (2009) The trials of Job with some temptations from the life of David thrown in for good measure. The Coen Brothers almost always pay off, and they did again here.

4)The Son (Le Fils) (2002) See earlier post.

3)Get Low (2010) Great story, great acting. Meaningful without being sappy.

2)Blue (1993) The first installment of Kieslowski's Three Colors trilogy, which made me a life long devotee of this amazing director's work. This one is more melancholy than Tony's choice of White, but the truth is that all three should be mandatory viewing requirements.

1)Five Minutes of Heaven. (2009) I don't know why I loved this movie so much, but it was incredible. A great story about forgiveness and redemption. Simple and straight forward. Liam Neeson was superb.


  1. #1 The Son (Le Fils) I didn’t mind the slow moving plot at all or the minimal lines used; as so much can be said otherwise, and it was! This movie kicked me in my knees and brought me to a new level of speechless adoration for my heavenly Father.

    There is also a personal experience here as to why I have this at number one and since you all haven’t blocked me yet and let me freely type on this blog, I’m gonna tell. God worked through this movie in another’s life right before my very eyes and it was AMAZING! :) I saw this movie one evening and it left my mind reeling with revelation at the broaden perspective of God and how they depicted so much yet so simply in this movie. The next day I am traveling with my father to Wilson and am telling him about this movie since he probably won’t watch a foreign film since he can’t read the small type at the bottom of the screen. My dad is stunned and admits that he was not sure he could do what the man in the movie does. But then…I told him what it represented spiritually…..and O My Lord! I saw God’s hand reach into that man’s heart and pump it like it never had before; stronger and longer. The look on my dad’s face portrayed that he had just been punched in the heart, he gasped, and then he swore at the enlightenment of a new depth of his true sinfulness that is yet again cleansed by God’s mercy and love. I tell you, we all struggle with the fact that we bring Absolutely Nothing to the table in our relationship with God. I swear about that sometimes myself. Then stunned my dad said, “O, Wow…”

    So, seeing God grow my dad’s heart 3 sizes that day in the parking lot of Worrell’s seafood in Wilson (his favorite place, not mine ;) shhh…) right in front of my face = magical day!!!!!

  2. I LOVED Bright Star. I must admit I'm a little surprised not to see Book of Eli on your list. Did you not see it or not like it?

  3. Michael here....

    Diana, I'm really glad you liked the movie, I wasn't sure people would. I'm really glad it offered a moment of connection with your dad as well!

    Dawn, i did like The Book of Eli, it would make honorable mention on my list!

  4. To be honest I don't bring much to table on this topic. I saw A LOT of old ones and quite a few duds, in fact i even cut one off half way through cause it was ticking me off and that rarely happens. I mean like solar eclipse rare. (haha) So, let's see...

    #? Tangled. I thought this was awesome! iT was funny, whitty, and I **Especially** liked the story plot of the "hidden/lost" princess that was so desired by her Father the King that He never gave up His pursuit for her :D ....and no i didn't give away the story, they tell you all that in the first few minutes. ;)

    #?? Ordet - Loved it...see earlier post.

    One thing I do want to mention... I didn't see the Three Colors Trilogy **unfortunatley**, but the Trios Colours - Decalogue.... yyyeeeaa about that, I don't reccomend it. It was well done, and focused on the consequences of sin...but there was no redemptive part to this movie and after movie #6 I was starting to get a little depressed. I mean, "really?!" I know this part already I remember the life of death i came from. Anyway, just my 2 pennies.