Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Best 10 Movies I've Seen This Year (Part 2)

#8 Inception (2010): I don't this movie was great, but it was good. The special effects were good, the story line was creative. It wasn't something I'll double back to, but it was worth one viewing. Also, a really good cast.

#7 The Devil's Backbone (2001): I have Tony to thank for this one, I don't tend to head toward the horror genre much, and would have missed this gem completely. I don't even really regard this a horror movie, in the classical context. There's definately a supernatural element in the movie, but the story is really well told. There aren't scary scenes just for the sake of being scary. It all moves the story forward. Viewer beware, this movie is Spanish with English subtitles.

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