Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Experience #3

I dropped back by Cleveland Cake and Coffee Co. to grab the rest of their pumpkin offerings, and found Pumpkin Experience #3: The Pumpkin Empanada. Picture a fried pie, but baked and not so heavy. The pumpkin filling was delicious, but the crust was a bit bready. I love the creativity though, and will be a devoted disciple of Cleveland Cake and Coffee Co. for many years to come as a result. If only they could make a huge one, I would use it as a tasty pillow to sleep on at night.  But then again, if they had that here, why would we want to go to heaven?

Pumpkinocity: 5 out of 10.
Sweet Dreams as a Result: 37


  1. Funny. I've been thinking lately about whether empanada could be baked. I've never had a sweet one before. That sounds good. So it may have to go on my list of things to make vegan and gluten free for my blog!

    It's also odd that you would mention that you want to use it as a pillow. My sister told me I was weird the other day for wanting to use something from my fridge as a pillow. Of course it was a big bag of kale, but still.

  2. The kale would work, if you had said it was iceberg lettuce, I would have said you were crazy. Hey and link your blog site on here so we can check it out!

  3. Yeah, I don't even eat iceberg if I can help it, much less get all happy about the thought of using it for a pillow.

    I actually have two blogs (both of which are badly in need of posts). One is and is gluten-free/soy-free vegan food. Next month is Vegan MoFo(month of food) and I'm participating so it should get posted on almost every day. The other is a photo blog and is

  4. For every birthday we have in our family we always go there and get the Milky Way. It's just the right amount of chocolate and with a little hint of coffee. I highly recommend it!