Friday, October 15, 2010

Football Fashion

Since alliteration seems to be a hallmark of our blog, I am writing about the greatly debated topic of football fashion. Michael and I have discussed the best uniforms in college football and seem to have similar lists. When I mentioned it to my friend Daniel Freeman (who is 20), he immediately listed Oregon and Virginia Tech as two of his favorites (two teams that would be near my bottom ten.) It was clear to me that this may be a generational disagreement. I have a tendency to like the classics while Daniel liked the more radical “modern” look.  Regardless, I once read that a writer chose Penn State’s uniforms as the best because they were simple, iconic and classic. He then chose Penn State’s uniforms as the worst because they were boring and unimaginative. My criteria begins with a great helmet design. Then a uniform I find interesting. I have also included which version of the team’s uniform I like. So, here’s my top ten list. Let the debate begin…
1. Michigan (blue jersey-maize pants)
2. Southern Cal (cardinal jersey-gold pants)
3. Florida State (garnet jersey-gold pants)
4. LSU (purple jersey-gold pants)
5. Nebraska (cream jersey-scarlet pants)
6. UCLA (blue jersey-gold pants)
7. Alabama (crimson jersey-white pants)
9. Texas (white jersey-white pants)
9. Oklahoma (crimson jersey-cream pants)
10. Notre Dame / Navy (navy blue jerseys-gold pants)


  1. Now this is unexpected.... lol.

    Made my day! :D

  2. There are three honorable mentions for me: Tennessee, Clemson, and Texas. I know they are all orange, and probably has something to do with my pumpkin obsession, but they are classic!

  3. alright. i know this is an old post but here we go. I stand behind my 2 picks of oregon and VT for fresh jerseys, generation thing as it may be. however; i will say i do like michigan, especially their helmets, so we agree on that. I like texas tech as well, but Utah and Texas Tech seem to have identical jerseys for some reason. i think another good discussion topic would be mascots, FYI. but to wrap this up i have another theory. Schools coolness of their jersey depends their sponsoer. i have them ranked this way. !. unerarmour 2. nike 3., adidas. UA and Nike are a distant 1 and 2. All other sponsors can't compete.