Monday, June 8, 2015

How To Live With And Enjoy The Extroverts In Your Life

Having healthy relationships means learning to relate to lots of different kinds of people. This can be tough sometimes, because most of us generally assume that the things that work for me will work when relating to others. That’s not always the case. In fact, more times than not we are drawn to people who are very different from us. What works for us may not work for them at all. With that in mind, this post is the beginning of a series that will help you learn how to relate well to those around you. Our first target, your favorite outgoing extroverts.

If you don’t know what an extrovert is, just look around a crowded room for the person in the middle of a large group. If that doesn’t work, listen a second for the laugh that seems to be rising above the crowd. If that still doesn’t do it, target the person wearing bright reds, oranges, turquoises, or anything that sparkles. When you find that person, odds are you have found an extrovert.

We all have extroverts in our life, it’s hard not to. They are the life of any party and tons of fun. Their optimistic view of life and energy can be contagious. Extroverts like the rest of us however, are imperfect. The good news is that their imperfections are somewhat predictable. Knowing some of what to expect of your extrovert will enable you to love them well. Here are a few things to remember about the extroverts in your life:

Everything Feels Bigger

Extroverts are very passionate people and those passions can run both ways. While extroverts can be the happiest people on the planet, their anger can be pretty intense as well. If extroverts have filters they rarely use them. If they think it, they say it.  In fact, they may say it without pausing for much thought at all.  If they are angry, you will know it. The neighbors might as well. The good news is that the anger is very short lived. While it burns hot, it burns out quickly, and then they are ready to make up and move on. So if your favorite extrovert is angry, just hang on for a bit, and they'll be in a better place to sort things out.

Everything Sounds Bigger

Because extroverts feel things so intensely, their explanations also tend to be pretty intense. If you asked an introvert about their run, they might say, “Went pretty good, little rain”. An extrovert will tell you, “Oh my gosh! Right when I was about to turn the corner where they lady with the cute dogs lives, it began to flood. It was literally like getting hit by hail, the drops were so big. I could hardly see the path anymore. I think some of the trail may even have washed away!”. It’s not that they’re lying, although the facts may be embellished a bit. Extroverts tend to exaggerate. No extrovert has ever caught a fish that was less than 3 feet long. They aren’t just telling you what happened, they are telling you what they feel, and that's pretty big sometimes. So, don’t overreact, and don’t feel misled. You may have to question them a bit to get more realistic answers, or if you are able, just enjoy their stories. They are never dull!

Proper Care of Extroverts

Extroverts have high social energy. Another way to say that is that they get their batteries recharged in social situations. They love to be around groups of people. If your extrovert is struggling, it might be a good idea to take them for dinner in a crowded restaurant. Or walk around a busy mall where they can strike up conversations with other people. Odds are that it won’t take long for your extrovert to be feeling better.

Extroverts are amazing people and are incredible friends, spouses, and co-workers. Just remember they may not see the world the way you do. That’s not bad, in fact it’s good to have people around you who sees things in a different light. Remembering these few things about extroverts will allow you to love them well and appreciate them for who they are.

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  1. I live with two of them and this nails it pretty well.