Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Listening To The Right Voice

Posted by Michael

In Mark’s mini-biography of Jesus, he recounts a story of Jesus returning home after a time of ministry. At this point Jesus had healed several people, cast our demons, calmed a storm, and taught crowds of thousands in several cities. His fame was growing, and word of his travels had no doubt reached his hometown long before He made his way down the dusty paths into Nazareth. What met him at the outskirts of the town wasn’t the hospitality of a warm welcome home but, doubt, resentment, and veiled insults. (Mark 6:1-6). “Hey isn’t this the amazing carpenter that’s going around healing the sick?... Maybe he could heal my table….I bet his parents are so proud, well Mary anyway, we don’t really know who his father is do we?” When faced with the choice between all that Jesus was doing and teaching on the one hand, and who they had always assumed him to be, they chose to live in their closed-minded assumptions.

People have assumptions about you as well.

They assume they know you because of your education or lack of education. They think they have you all figured out because of your divorce. Remember that bankruptcy you went through? That’s all they need to know. The clothes you wear, the car you drive, the neighborhood you are from, it all adds up the person they believe you to be.

But you are more than their assumptions aren’t you?

You are more than your past mistakes. More than your diplomas. More than your bank account. More than the broken relationships that you have endured, and those you are responsible for. God knows that you are more. He made you and either has or wants to pull you out of the dark places you’ve created for yourself. God knows the truth about you, and loves you fully. But do you? Do you know how deeply you are loved and forgiven, or are you living on assumptions about yourself as well? If the voices in your head that condemn you and cause you to doubt are too loud, I hope that you will be able to listen for the still, small voice that assures you that He loves you right where you are, and that you do not have to walk your path in life alone.

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