Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3 Warning Signs That You May Not Be Growing

Posted by Michael

Growth is a good thing, but it's also an easy thing to lose sight of. Here are three signs that you may be stagnant in your personal or spiritual growth:

1)You are very comfortable.

                                             Growth and comfort rarely go together.

 There’s nothing wrong with comfort, it is very often needed, and always welcome when it comes. Growth usually entails facing new challenges and entering new territory in your life, these experiences although beneficial are seldom comfortable. If you have been extremely comfortable for a long time, odds are you haven’t grown in a while.

2)You are in complete control.

Just like comfort, a healthy amount of control in life is a good thing. Complete control is another matter altogether. For me to be in complete control in my life means that I am not having to face anything outside of my knowledge base. I am not having to deal with any new or unpredictable experiences. Complete control means complete predictability. Growth, however, occurs when we are forced to face something new or unexpected.  New and unexpected challenges force me to think and act in new ways, and that leads to growth.

3)You are primarily focused on the growth or behavior of other people.

Being preoccupied with how others are acting or how well they are doing in life means that our attention is pulled away from our own growth and behavior. 

                            It’s not bad to help others, it’s just that helping others 
                                        isn’t the same as growing ourselves.

The only person on the planet you have the power to change is yourself, and that change can only come by examining yourself and being honest with what you see. Spending all of my time thinking about others can keep me from having a good look at myself.

If you can avoid or abandon these three growth poisons, you will likely be on your way to moving forward in the direction you want for your life!

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