Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Best Ever Fried Chicken

Posted by Michael

Ok, we got great feedback on our post about the best ever doughnuts. So, I thought we would try again with another southern favorite: fried chicken. Much like sculpting or painting, fried chicken is an art. Good fried chicken is a spiritual experience complete with angels, harps, and puffy clouds. Bad fried chicken is also a spiritual experience but with more pitchforks and flames. I have had great fried chicken from a number of places. Doug Saul’s BBQ in Nashville, NC has really great fried chicken and some of the best chicken gizzards you will ever eat (if you eat gizzards).  If I had to pick one place as the “Best Ever” fried chicken it would be the delicious crunchy bird from Price’s Chicken Coup in Charlotte, NC. Price’s Chicken Coup is a must stop when you are craving a box of greasy goodness. They follow the tried and true recipe of “do only a few things, and do them well”.  There is no silverware or frilly tablecloths at Price’s, for that matter there are no tables at all. They cook the chicken, where you eat it is your issue. If you are ever in Charlotte and in the mood for a heart stabbing plate of greasy glory, Price’s is the place to go.

A note on chicken gizzards. Chicken Gizzards are a carnivore’s chewing gum. The tend to be better when you don’t have to cook them yourself, and will almost certainly take about 30 years off of your expected life span, but 30 years without chicken gizzards doesn’t seem that great anyway….

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