Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Trustworthy Relationship

Posted by Michael

There is a component of legitimate need in every relationship. That’s to say that every relationship is comprised of people who don’t have it all together and don’t know all of the right answers. There are as many different types of need as there are types of people. Some people can’t stand to be lonely, and the need is for time and shared space. Some people don’t like to make choices alone, and need someone there to bounce ideas off of. We need each other relationally, financially, emotionally, and physically, and no matter how giving we are, there are times in every relationship when we are takers. In short, there are two kinds of humans, those who have needs, and those who are lying about the fact that they have needs. That’s not bad, it’s human. It simply means that part of the reason we relate to each other is in order to get something out of it.

But God is different. God doesn’t need anyone or anything. God is completely content in and of Himself. There is nothing we have that will add to, or take away from Him. So, when God relates to us it’s not for what He can get out of it. Our relationship with God is unlike any other relationship we have ever known in this one key point: He doesn’t relate to us because He needs to, but because He wants to. His relationship is never about what He needs from us, but always about what He wants for us. God has all the power and creativity imaginable, and He could use that power and creativity in any way He likes. He chooses to use it to love us.  I can’t imagine a more trustworthy relationship.


  1. Wow! So very good. I "needed" to hear this.

  2. me either!! Good word today, Michael. Thank you.