Friday, February 1, 2013

The Best Movies From 2012

Tony and I have at long last compiled our top ten movies that we have seen from the last year (2012). The rules are simple, the movies do not have to have been released in 2012, it only has to be the first time we have seen the movie for it to make the list. We may add some other posts about individual movies from the list later, but the lists will be posted here without commentary. As always we would love feedback about movies you loved from last year that we may have missed, or movies from out list that would be in your top 3!

So here goes, starting at number 10 and working our way to our favorite movie from the past year…

#10 Troll Hunter
#9 Argo      
#8 The Avengers
#7 Beasts of the Southern Wild
#6 The Cabin in the Woods
#5 Take Shelter
#4 Martha Marcy May Marlene
#3 Melancholia        
#2 Another Earth
#1 Lincoln  

#10 Troll Hunter
#9 The Art of The Steal
#8 Beasts of the Southern Wild
#7 Take Shelter
#6 Les Miserables
#5 Melancholia
#4 Martha Marcy May Marlene
#3 Lincoln
#2 The Artist
#1 Another Earth            

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  1. I haven't seen as many movies this year as usual and haven't even heard of a lot of these. Lincoln and Les Miserables are definitely on my list (Les Mis is gonna be at the IMAX in a couple weeks if you want to see it again) I love the Avengers too, Tony. And The Artist, Michael. Fabulous wasn't it? T and I had the benefit of seeing it in a 1928 movie theater (complete with a Wurlitzer organ performance before the show.)

    Another favorite for me was The Bourne Legacy. And a surprise favorite was Frankenweenie. It was no brilliant piece of drama, but it was creative and just down right enjoyable.

    Do documentaries count? LOVED Flight of the Butterflies. Amazing...beautiful and informative.