Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sugarland's Grasshopper Cupcake

Michael here...

Tony has said of me that I am unable to pass by a new or cool looking bakery or coffee shop, and sadly it's true. This past weekend led me to Chapel Hill where I took my daughter and her friend our for her birthday. After a gut exploding dinner at Pepper's Pizza (I went with the Ball Park slice, which was pizza with andouille sausage, feta cheese, and pork bbq), we strolled down Franklin St. for a little dessert. We landed in Sugarland bakery, a carb lovers delight, that is obviously operated by people who love their craft. The girls went with gelato, but I chose the 72,000 calorie Grasshopper cupcake. It was delicious, all minty and sweet. If you ever get the chance, drop in at Sugarland and enjoy any of their wide assortment of dessert items. (Also, the coffee was really good).

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