Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reflections on Ash Wednesday

Michael here...

Today was my first experience with an Ash Wednesday service, and I found it to be meaningful and thought provoking. (I'm not Catholic, so the newness of the service allowed me to focus on the message more clearly.)The short phrase that was spoken as the sign of the cross was being marked on our foreheads really caused me to think. It was simply, "turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel". The more I thought about, the more profound it became for me. After all, isn't sin simply those times when we don't have faith in the Gospel. When I write Gospel I mean the good news that Jesus Christ is indeed Lord. That despite the broken nature of our world and the pain and suffering all around us, Jesus is indeed ruling over our universe, and will set things back to right. Not only that, but that he plans to use each of us to help accomplish that mission. It's faith because I can't always see that. The world is just too messed up and too painful at times, so I have to trust that Jesus is indeed at work, and that His plan will ultimately prevail. My anxieties and fear come when I don't believe that Jesus is really in charge. It's in those times that I fear that the powers that are in charge will destroy me and crush any hope that I have. But if Jesus is indeed Lord as the Gospel proclaims, then it's not all up to me after all. The pressure's off. I don't have to work so hard to make things work out, after all that seems to be GOD's job anyway.

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  1. This was my first one too. I'm not catholic either but we had a service of prayer. Yesterday sent my mind reeling, not that I needed any help with that. jeez....
    I like to focus on 2 words when my mind spirals with thoughts as I think we all have them (ahem Spiritual Warfare) unless we are on a fatal passive train...

    Ultimate Authority - but from the words of His mouth ALL was created....and that was just the beginning!

    Complete Sovereignty - we see Satan ask for approval to sift Job and Peter, therefore nothing is outside of his care.

    Merciful Grace - anytime I question God's purpose with all the pain in the world or in me, I just remember that.....He owes us nothing. His mercy drips solely of love.

    and the icing on the cake... It Is Finished! - perserverance of the Saints (that be us)is His work.

    okay so that was 3 words, but you get the point. haha :)

    One thing i have definitely learned recently is that "my" faith is crap without Him (I can be a nuerotic spaz in my mind, lol), His Spirit within me is my endurance...which brings me back to Romans 8 (i always end up back here) No good thing comes from the flesh, its all Him. Thank Goodness cuz I'm a sinful failure! ;)