Thursday, September 25, 2014

Silent Film Edition (Tony's Addendum)

I completely agree with Michael's selection of "not to be missed" silent movies. Each is a classic and a masterpiece (I especially love The General.) However, I wanted to add a couple of my favorites for consideration. My favorite Chaplin movie is Modern Times (AFI #81). It is a brilliant satire of the "modern" industrial era and its effects on society and it is Chaplin's last "silent" film. The film also stars the terrific Paulette Goddard as the orphan girl who is the perfect compliment to Chaplin's "Little Tramp." When it comes to Chaplin movies, whether City Lights, Modern Times or The Gold Rush, you can't go wrong.

My other favorite silent era movie is "Pandora's Box." A much darker take on society as it tells the story of a beautiful woman's fall from grace. It stars the iconic Louise Brooks.

I can't wait to see what movies Michael selects next.

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