Monday, April 21, 2014

3 Questions That Will Make Or Break You

Posted by Michael

1)Do I Really Want What I Am Chasing?

Life is too short to spend all of your time grinding through things that make you miserable. Many of us (perhaps you included) were told what a successful life looked like somewhere during high school or college, and we’ve been chasing it ever since. The only problem is that we don’t often stop long enough to ask, “Do I really want what I am chasing?”. Becoming a lawyer, running a marathon, landscaping acres of yard to perfection, or even climbing Mt. Everest are great things, if you want them. The sad thing is that most people haven’t stopped long enough to consider what might bring them joy. They have just adopted what others seem to think are worthwhile achievements. The greatest achievements in the world will always leave you empty if they aren’t what your heart desired in the first place.

2)Are my relationships consistently taking more from me than they are giving?

Relationships are wonderful, in fact, I believe that they are the core of a meaningful life. Unfortunately, like all good things, relationships can be twisted to cause pain rather than enjoyment. You should absolutely have relationships in life where you are the primary giver. There should be people who have needs that you can and do address. It may be that you mentor them, financially provide for them, teach them, or applaud them. Having only those types of relationships in your life, however, is not healthy. It’s impossible to give in healthy ways if you are not receiving care and encouragement yourself. If you list out your significant relationships on a piece of paper and find that they all only take from you, then you are heading down a dangerous road! Health comes from equal parts give and take. Yes, you can give, but you must also take!

3)Do I have a dream?

Dreams for the future are a critical part of an enjoyable life. Dreams are not a waste of time, instead, they help clarify and prioritize our time. Dreams of what could be give us the courage to take risks and challenge the status quo. When we take time to imagine who we would like to become and where we would like to go, we are often rewarded with much needed motivation. The daily grind of life can steal all of our focused thought and energy (it needs some, but not all!).  Taking time to dream ensures that we won’t get bogged down in the details of life. It also gives us energy to attend to and prioritize those details in more productive and successful ways.

I hope you will carve out a few minutes this week and review these important questions in your own life. You matter deeply and I want your journey through life to be meaningful and enjoyable! 

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