Monday, February 24, 2014

Loved Like A Sunrise

Posted by Michael

If you grew up or have spent much time in church or around religious people, you may have heard the following statement:

Your sin is what keeps you from God.

It’s a bold statement, and in many ways a fair statement, but it is not fully true. It’s true that the brokenness in our lives drives us from the God who created an unbroken world. The distance is created by our lack of desire for God. Sin dampens our desire to be whole. Sin numbs us to the wonder of forgiveness, and the amazing prospects of hope. In many ways sin does indeed keep us from God, but to be fully understood, that statement must been considered in light of the following truth:

Your sin does not keep God from you.

God’s passion to restore us, and to invite us back into relationship with Him is so much bigger than we can imagine. God is willing to give everything (and has) to bring us back home to Him. God doesn’t wait across the way while we battle and conquer and overcome all of the sin in our life. He stands beside us so that we can tackle it together (which is our only chance to grow and change anyway). So, if today finds you feeling down and discouraged. If you are wondering if you will ever get it right, take a second and refocus your attention, off of your failures onto a God who like a sunrise, returns each day to find and love you. 

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