Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Even a Broken Watch is Right Twice a Day
Posted by Tony

My lovely niece Morgan came up to me recently and said, “I read your blog Uncle Tony.” To which I replied, “I think you may be the only one.”
Michael overheard this conversation and interjected that from some of my predictions and comments last year, Hollywood may in fact be following our blog.

Case in point:

In May I blogged that I felt that this was TV’s “New Golden Age” of dramas.  In October, CBS’s Sunday Morning proclaimed that TV was entering a second “Golden Age.” In October, actor Kevin Spacey in a speech at the Edinburgh Television Festival said TV is now in a third “Golden Age.” Yes, I am being ripped off by several sources.

In a September blog about the Breaking Bad episode, “Ozymandius,” I called it “the finest hour of one of TV’s best shows. In December, Entertainment Weekly proclaimed “Ozymandius” the best TV episode of 2013 and called it “the finest installment of TV's Baddest and boldest drama.” Almost a word for word rip off. Can’t EW come up with any original thoughts?

In May I suggested the following actors should be noted during award season. Here are the results:

Robin Wright-House of Cards
Won-Golden Globe

Corey Stoll-House of Cards
Nominated-Golde Globe

Elizabeth Moss-Top of the Lake
Won-Golden Globe

Aden Young-Rectify
No love

Vera Farmiga-Bates Motel

Let's see how I do in 2014.

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