Friday, August 16, 2013

Film Review: A Hijacking

Posted by Michael

A Hijacking is an intense and thought provoking Danish film by writer/director Tobias Lindholm. With only a tiny bit of prelude, Lindholm drops us into the deliberately plodding pace of a hijacking. A Danish ship is boarded by Somali pirates demanding money for the safe release of crew and cargo. The film bounces between shots on board the ship with the frightened and increasingly frustrated crew to shots of the executive offices of the ship’s owner, where negotiations are being attempted to free the crew. Lindholm doesn’t reach back to the past for context or out to the future to find hope or meaning. He is content to simply tell the story in front of him, and he does it well. A Hijacking will leave you with questions about the true meaning of freedom. Who is actually set free in this film? Who was captive in the first place? It also leaves you with all of the rugged edges of real life, which makes this film worthy of watching by those who are not annoyed by subtitles. (movie poster courtesy of the official film website: )

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