Friday, April 12, 2013

Asheville: Filo

Posted by Michael

I was driving through Asheville a while back, and was in need of a place to crash and work on some upcoming talks that I was going to be giving. I searched through a list of available coffee shops and landed at Filo. I am really glad I did. Filo is everything a local coffee shop should be. Their coffee beans are locally roasted and their pastries are freshly baked. (If you operate a coffee shop and find yourself unwrapping store bought pastries to put behind the glass, you should probably consider finding a different line of work.) I am a sucker for scones, and ended up going to with a Granola scone. I have high standards for scones, and have yet to make a really good one myself, but Filo met and exceeded expectations. If you are ever travelling  through Asheville, I absolutely recommend making a stop. Also, if you have a really good scone recipe, I could use that as well.....

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