Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The King's Speech

Michael here...

Tony and I hope to blog on a lot of the Oscar worthy movies before the awards come around. He tackled True Grit (which was amazing), I'm gonna review The King's Speech. The King's Speech takes on the true story of King George VI, who took his place on the throne due to his older brother's irresponsibility. King George (played by Colin Firth) was a good man, but struggled with self doubt and most notably a severe stuttering problem. After all attempts to get help seem to have failed, he reaches out to a unconventional practicioner ably played by Geoffrey Rush. The story was a bit slow, but well told. If this movie lands awards, however it will be for Firth and Rush. It's hard to imagine anyone giving Firth a run for Best Actor, but stranger things have happened, and although I don't think he will win, Rush should recieve a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category. This movie is dramatic and humorous in turns, and leaves you with a contented feeling of hope. Be prepared for the pace, but I recommend this movie whole heartedly as movie with a good story and excellent acting.


  1. Another vote for Colin Firth!

  2. Have you seen Black Swan yet? I saw it this past weekend and wow! Natalie Portman should get Oscar for best actress but it was hard for me to digest bc it's a "dark" movie. Glad I saw it though =)