Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Comfort is for the Weak (thank heavens!)

Comfort has become sort of a dirty word in Christian circles. We deem it appropriate for older folks or those who have cancer, but feel that the everyday Christian shouldn't need comfort. Many Christians place themselves in uncomfortable settings to feel more spiritual (ie. fasting, super long prayer times, Promise Keepers, etc...). Not that those things are bad, because they aren't, it's just that it's easy to start believing that things that hurt a little are more spiritual. If we are not careful our motivation can become a bit off. The truth is, we need comfort and we want comfort. It's a fact of life that anyone who is uncomfortable instinctively and reflexively seeks comfort. Comfort is the homeostasis for which we were created. The Garden of Eden before the Fall (life as God intended) was the definition of comfort. Our desire for comfort in a painful, brutal world, is a sign that we were created for more than this world can offer. The problem isn't comfort, but that we take on the job of providing our own comfort, and that's a job that God wants all to Himself. The Garden of Eden worked because God provided all that Adam and Eve needed, and they trusted what He provided. When they sought to find their own comfort (knowing everything by eating from the forbidden tree) things broke down. The comfort we provide ourselves is always short lived and less than satisfying. (ie. drinking too much, hours in front of the tv, countless relationships, buying the newest and best...) Our challenge is to seek out the comfort that God uniquely provides, but that is for the next post.....


  1. Oouuuu… I want to play! This is a passionate note for me…
    I agree!
    Many overlook that Jesus came to save us …from our heart conditions. Not just from our sinful actions but from our hurts, anger and all our impurities in our heart that cause discomfort, sorrow, and fuel all our sin. In Jesus’ ministry it was healing, comforting, and Leading the way to God. His ministry didn’t stop the 33 years He was here on earth; it continues and is effective every day. We are to receive His gifts, His true blessings of salvation, healing/comfort through a new heart, and His strength in His Spirit, aka “The Comforter”! People may fail to realize that these things are daily and by the moment; they don’t just happen at an instant and are complete. We need to utterly depend on Him, and He will transform us every moment we are weak. That is God’s desire; involvement, relationship and intimacy with us, our lives, everything….to meet that need in us that controls us like an addiction, that need that nothing can seem to fill no matter how hard we try. And let’s not forget that these addictions (however strong or slight)can move even deeper beyond drinking, eating, shopping to include the approval of others(idolatry), validation from accomplishments(self effort of worth), and security from other weak vessels (looking to others as our saviors in our daily life) or worldly things like 401k that can fail us when the stock market crashes. Pretty much anything that we feel we need in life; that can ever so subconsciously assist us in living a life without depending solely on God. In other words… these things can be or appear to be good things in life too, but they become bad things when they separate us from God! God’s desire is to provide and to comfort, to satisfy and fill! He longs for it…. …To be our heart’s desire.

    P.S. I've been told i write horribly so good luck... and sorry if i ran out ahead, i get carried away! ;)

  2. Diana,
    Wow, whoever told you that you couldn't write was crazy. Amazing insights. I love the part about God's desire to comfort, satisfy, and fill, and that He longs for it! Well done!

  3. Wow,thank you for the encouragement! It is very refreshing! You are like new wineskin! ;) hehe

    And...SWEET! I'm not the crazy one! Nice..